A decentralized solution for sensitive data storage and access management.

Bunkr is on your side.

We are tired of stolen information, complex security infrastructures and human errors.

With Bunkr you store your data across a decentralized network using state of the art cryptographic techniques. By remaining independent of each other, the shareholders of your data keep you safe.

Bunkr data is highly resistant to attack, but easy to manage. No hardware required. No complex infrastructures.

Decentralized Key Management

Put cryptography to work. Bunkr frees you from the limitations of a token locked in hardware. Thanks to threshold cryptography and Secure Multi Party Computation, your keys are never stored at any single location, not even when they are used for signing. Hardware level security, without the hardware.

SSH Key Management

The amount of SSH keys has spun out of control. Bunkr gives you a unique place for management and auditing. By keeping the stored keys inaccessible, you can delegate on other devices or team members the capability to sign with unique keys. In any unfortunate case, you can immediately revoke permissions in Bunkr without having to spawn multiple configuration changes.

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Cryptocurrency Protection

Today your crypto is either fully managed by you, vulnerable to human error, theft & loss. Or you trust a 3rd party provider & in exchange give them full access - leaving you vulnerable again.

Bunkr uses secret sharing to securely store the private keys that protect your assets. Bunkr can perform transactions even though your keys never exist in plain text. You decide what devices are authorized to create signatures, and if any are lost or stolen, you can easily revoke them.

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Secure Authentication

Transform any device into a 2FA or Webauthn compatible device. Hardware keys can be lost and may become an IT nightmare to replace. With Bunkr you can delegate authentication on just the devices you decide.

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Decentralized Private Storage

Bunkr is a powerful safe for your digital valuables. Always know where your data is and avoid sensitive information from sprawling into code, email or messaging apps. From a unified location you can now manage and protect your data across your infrastructure, teams and devices.

Secret Management

Bunkr can hold digital secrets like API tokens, passwords or certificates for development or production. It is insecure to store all these secrets on a single server. With Bunkr, there is no single point of failure or attack - by leveraging t out of n threshold security each secret is kept in different locations.

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And everything else too

Bunkr's simplicity makes it the no brainer solution to keep other digital information like passwords for web apps, credit cards and even sensitive  documents like contracts. All while easily sharing thanks to Bunkr Groups.

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Audit Logs

Every operation in Bunkr like reading, writing or performing transactions, is stored in a replicated and tamper proof log. This is an intrinsic part of the Bunkr protocol between the servers and contributes to keeping your data safe. You can be sure that what happens in Bunkr stays in Bunkr.

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Unlock the Bunkr Platform

Cars being open from mobile apps, banks authenticating customers, new payment systems...

As new technologies generate more and more cryptographic keys to protect your customers, the burden and pressure on organizations to protect those keys is augmenting too. Bunkr's cryptographic platform can help.